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Chris Ciborowski

I'm a technologist & entrepreneur helping companies see the endless possibilities provided by DevOps and cloud application delivery. I'm a Docker Captain and CEO & CO-founder at Nebulaworks.

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Getting Started with LinuxKit on Mac OS X with xhyve

One of the major announcements last week at DockerCon 2017 was LinuxKit, a framework for creating minimal Linux OS images purpose built for containers. Docker has been using the tools that make up LinuxKit for some time and the products derived from the tooling include Docker for Mac.

Hyperconverged: The new vendor lock-in

Lots of noise out there in the hyperconverged space. But I have to ask myself, what is all the hubbub about? Seems to me, that this is just the iteration of appliance-based infrastructure…but worse. And in this round you are putting all of your eggs in one vendors’ basket. If it were me, it w...

Connecting Client Teams with Slack

We owe a major “thank you” to the Slack team. Not only have you changed the way the we are communicating internally, now we are also doing the same with our clients and partners. This is so good, it is worth some words.

An Alternative to Docker Networking Using Service Discovery

One of the most common discussion points I hear on a day-to-day basis about Docker is the lack of networking. It comes from virtually all corners of the the tech ranks, the extolling of virtues of having dedicated IP addresses to every container, to keep “consistent” with the currently deployed ...