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Chris Ciborowski

I'm a technologist & entrepreneur helping companies see the endless possibilities provided by DevOps and cloud application delivery. I'm a Docker Captain and CEO & CO-founder at Nebulaworks.

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About Chris Ciborowski

I’m Chris Ciborowski, an entrepreneur and technologist living in Orange County, California. I am fortunate to have my own company, Nebulaworks, where I am a CEO and Co-founder. Nebulaworks is a DevOps consultancy focused helping the enterprise deliver better software through DevOps. We steer companies in the right direction, developing the right architectures, leaving our clients with frameworks that work. I’m an active contributor in the container community as a Docker Captain and Docker Meetup Organizer (Orange County & San Diego).

In business my passion is helping companies innovate by challenging the status quo. For me, recommending and demonstrating how new and exciting technologies can help remove constraints in development and IT to gain efficiencies or a competitive advantage is very fulfilling. This is what I get a kick out of every day.

My free time is spent with my wonderful (and understanding) wife, my two girls, and our french bulldog. If I am not helping our partners (customers or technology) or learning about something new in our industry I am usually out running laps in a race car on the track.

My Interests:

  • Containerized application delivery
  • Automating everything. If you do something twice, automate it! (that’s the UNIX engineer in me)
  • Beautiful engineering. There is a simplicity in the best engineered systems and software
  • Breaking down barriers between Development and Operations teams
  • Fail fast. Make decisions, stick to them and if something doesn’t work move on without excessive lost time or money
  • Distributed computing and scale-out application architectures
  • Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS & PaaS)
  • Immutable infrastructure
  • Twelve-Factor applications
  • Astronomy and astrophysics
  • Fast cars :)