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Chris Ciborowski

I'm a technologist & entrepreneur helping companies see the endless possibilities provided by DevOps and cloud application delivery. I'm a Docker Captain and CEO & CO-founder at Nebulaworks.

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Speaking Engagements

Over my career I have had the chance to speak at numerous events from sales kickoffs, corporate all-hands, technical reviews, and strategy sessions. I have also participated in a number of client training and thought leadership engagements, delivering presentations on all aspects of enterprise technology and processes.

More recently I have turned my focus to present publicly on themes and topics which I am working directly on specifically the areas of DevOps, containerization, and the cloud.

This page will serve as a list of events and their recordings (if available). To discuss your event and see if I may be a fit, feel free to contact me at 949-272-9219.

2017 Engagements

DockerCon 2017

Austin, TX 04/17-20

You Don’t Have to Start Over! A Practical Guide for Adopting Docker in the Enterprise

Container World

Santa Clara, CA 02/21-23

You Don’t Have to Start Over! A Practical Guide for Adding Docker to Enterprise Workflows

2016 Engagements

Defrag Conference

Denver, Colorado

Accelerating DevOps Adoption with Docker Containers alt text


Chicago, Illinois

Why Docker Engine 1.12 is Blowing Up the Container Orchestration Market


Dallas, Texas

Accelerating DevOps Adoption with Docker Containers


Irvine, California